About Us

All you need to know about our team and how we can help your business.

courier carrying boxes in the city

Who we are.

Customer service specialists that still know how to pickup a call.

Presto Courier Services are a dedicated team of individuals fulfilling specialized shipping requests that require personal care and attention.  We operate how you operate, on your schedule, with your business in mind.  Accountability,  transparency and customer service are our creeds.  With offices in Durham Region and Toronto, our fleet of vehicles and team of drivers are ready to assist you and take your call directly.

What we do.

Intelligent parcel shipping with a deep understanding of our clients.

Gina needs some medication delivered to her vet clinic.  We know what temperature range is acceptable and how long it can be outside of a fridge because we know Gina’s business.  We even know what Gina likes in her coffee!  We created our business to operate like your business.  That is what sets us apart.

getting ready to send a package
courier handing off package

How we do it.

2 teaspoons of technology, 3 tablespoons of operational accountability, and 1 heaping cup of human interaction.

Presto customers get the best of both worlds.  


A personalized, cloud based, customer portal accessible anywhere you happen to be.  Internet based tracking, account history, and client address books.  As well as instantaneous online quoting services and payment options.


But we don’t use technology as a means of disengaging with our customers.  We use it as a tool to compliment our outstanding dedication to customer service through interaction with an actual person.  We are always just a phone call away.

Why we are different.

We ship your packages. Important packages.

Ever had a package get lost in the mail?  How about receiving something 3 days later than you were supposed to?  Now try calling up the shipping company and getting an explanation on what happened and how it can be rectified.  That’s not customer service, that’s not even common courtesy.  That is a scenario that can not happen when you have an employee waiting for their laptop, a customer waiting for a replacement car part, or a business partner that needs a contract signed.


We service markets that require ownership, accountability, and transparency from their shipping company.

customer sign off on package
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